Working Spanish for Medical Professionals

PDF | 1 MB | 272 Pages

Working Spanish for Medical Professionals PDF

Working Spanish for Medical ProfessionalsPractical, on-the-job help for medical professionals who work with Spanish-speaking patients

This compact, phrase-packed resource provides all the vocabulary medical professionals need to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking patients and their families.

It’s written expressly for caregivers, so users will find the phrases and vocabulary they need to cover everything from routine office visits to treatments and prescriptions to major medical procedures.

Complete with pronunciations for all listings, this hands-on guide efficiently bridges the communication gap between physicians, nurses, clinic workers, aid agencies, and emergency responders and their Spanish-speaking clientele.


Great for health care professionals.

This book will give you the minimum and then some. The phrases span across all medical disciplines and there’s even some language tips on Spanish itself.

“Working Spanish” is the appropriate title for this book, since you won’t be able to use much of it outside of work; however, if you’re looking to build trust with Spanish-speaking patient, this book will help you get there.


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