When the Grid Goes Down

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When the Grid Goes Down: Disaster Preparations and Survival Gear For Making Your Home Self-Reliant PDF

When the Grid Goes DownDisasters come and go each year but it is through developing a self-reliant mindset, having essential survival gear and possessing a handful of critical skills, that you and your family will be able to prevail in an urban crisis.

Jammed with field-tested information from real-world applications, survival instructor Tony Nester covers how to prepare for both short-term survival ranging from 24-72 hours as well as long-term situations resulting from a grid-down emergency or pandemic.

When the Grid Goes Down will show you the 6 key areas to make your home and lifestyle more self-sufficient and the critical gear needed along the way.

Topics Include:

  • Creating a Self-Reliant Home


  • Water Storage and Purification Methods


  • Alternative Water Sources At Home


  • Creating a Water Map for Your Region


  • The 3 Essential Food Types to Stock Up On


  • Designing an Off-Grid Medical Kit


  • Home Security and Personal Defense Measures


  • Safeguarding the Exterior and Interior of Your Home


  • Alternative Sanitation Methods

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