The Farmer’s Wife Canning and Preserving Cookbook: Over 250 Blue-Ribbon recipes!

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The Farmer’s Wife Canning and Preserving Cookbook: Over 250 Blue-Ribbon recipes! ePUB

The Farmer's Wife Canning and Preserving Cookbook: Over 250 Blue-Ribbon recipes!The spiced peaches and icebox pickles, dilly beans and tomatoes in every shape and form, the blackberry jam and hot pepper jelly–it’s summer, and a whole world of summers past, in a jar.  Pack the pantry the way Grandma did, and put away the sweetest fruits and preserves, the most tender savory vegetables, the taste of the sunny day and the scent of the crisp harvest air, with more than 250 blue-ribbon canning and preserving recipes culled from TheFarmer’s Wife magazine.  A reliable resource for the farm wife, the new mother, the suburban transplant, the magazine shared recipes that made the kitchen sing and the family sigh with contentment.  Along with instructions for canning and preserving fruits and vegetables from your garden or the farmer’s market, this wonderful cookbook, like an old family friend, offers recipes for using the tomato sauce, raspberry jam, peaches, and other tasty fruits and vegetables that you’ve “put by.”

From the Back Cover

The Farmer’s Wife was a monthly magazine published in Minnesota between the years 1893 and 1939. In an era long before the Internet and high-speed travel connected us all, the magazine aimed to offer community among hard-working rural women: to provide a forum for their questions and concerns and to assist them in the day-to-day goings-on about the farm—everything from raising chickens and slaughtering hogs, to managing scant funds and dressing the children, to keeping house and running the kitchen.

Decades before the advent of Cook’s Illustrated and its monthly doses of kitchen science, there was The Farmer’s Wife and her own science-based methodology, culled from staff experts, bulletins issued by the USDA, and various extension services across the country. On no kitchen topic was her expertise more critical than on preserving. Preserving then required—and most assuredly still does—precise procedures in order to yield wholesome, safe foodstuffs. And the farmer’s wife had plenty to preserve. She put up myriad stores from her gardens, fields, and orchards—not just the niceties of jams and jellies and pickles, but the fundamentals of plain fruits, vegetables, sauces, and soups, which formed the backbone of meals during the long, cold months when nothing grows. These recipes for canning and preserving fruits and vegetables from your garden or local farmer’s market have been updated with current USDA recommendations for safe use in the modern kitchen. Also included are recipes for how to use the tomato sauce, raspberry jam, and peaches or other fruits of the harvest that you’ve canned or preserved.

Here’s a sampling of the recipes you’ll find inside:

Apple Plum Jam

Rhubarb Raisin Conserve

English Orange Marmalade

Pear Honey

Currant Bar le Duc

Favorite Strawberry Preserves

Mixed Currant “Catsup”

Tomatoes the Old Fashioned Way

Seasoned Tomato Sauce

Chili Sauce

I Can Vegetable Soup

Fenimore Cooper Pickles

Bordeaux Relish

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