The Addictive Brain

The Addictive Brain by Thad A. Polk PDF

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Addiction touches us all. Whether it’s a friend who can’t quit smoking, a colleague afflicted with alcoholism, or a relative abusing prescription drugs, we all know someone who suffers from some form of addiction—we may even have an addiction ourselves.

By some estimates, roughly one in four Americans might be considered addicts. On the other hand, many of us use substances such as alcohol recreationally, without suffering the physical or psychological symptoms of addiction.

So what is the difference between drug use, abuse, and clinical addiction? What causes addictions? What happens when your brain is on drugs, and why do addicts behave the way they do?

12 Lectures

1. Addiction 101
2. The Psychology and Neuroscience of Reward
3. How Addiction Hijacks the Brain
4. Genetics: Born to Be an Addict?
5. Your Brain on Drugs
6. Why We Crave Coffee and Cigarettes
7. Alcohol: Social Lubricant or Drug of Abuse?
8. The Science of Marijuana
9. Stimulants: From Cocaine to Ritalin
10. The Science of Poppies, Pleasure, and Pain
11. The Gambler’s Brain
12. Junk Food, Porn, Video Games: Addictions?

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