The 100 Best Brain Teasers for Kids

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The 100 Best Brain Teasers for Kids: A Mind-Blowing Challenge of Wordplay, Math, and Logic Puzzles PDF

The 100 Best Brain Teasers for Kids PDFPut your thinking skills to the test with fun and tricky brain teasers for kids 8 to 12

Get ready to flex your mind muscles and think outside the box with The 100 Best Brain Teasers for Kids. You’ll follow Ace the alien wizard and their trusty cat Panther as you tackle puzzles and riddles that test your knowledge of wordplay, logic, and math. Will you rescue the Beloved Crystal from the mischievous Flarkspurians and bring peace to Witloo? The quest is yours to complete!

  • 5 levels of play―Explore 100 brain teasers that get tougher as you go, so you stay sharp and improve your creative thinking skills!
  • Clues and answers―Check the Clues section for hints from Panther if you get stuck, and check the Answer Key at the back when you think you’ve solved the puzzle.
  • Crafty characters―Meet a whole cast of aliens, wizards, and animal friends as you adventure your way through word ladders, logic grids, number formulas, and more!

Power up your mind with brain teasers that help you learn new skills and become an intergalactic hero!


“During remote learning, this book was a huge WIN for me and my fifth graders. My students were engaged every morning with solving, discussing, and laughing. I can’t wait to use these in person; this book helped me create community, normalcy, and student-centered learning.” ―Comfort Agboola, gifted education elementary teacher

“Once again, Danielle Hall has created highly engaging, openly inclusive brain teasers to satisfy even the most dedicated puzzlers! As an educator, I appreciate that differentiation is automatically built in as readers ‘level up’ by solving increasingly challenging logic, wordplay, and math brain teasers. This book is a must-have for every home, class, and school library!” ―Sheila Frye, upper elementary teacher

“As a teacher, I love that these puzzles are so interdisciplinary! Students have to shift back and forth between solving math equations, logic puzzles, and word games. The games build on each other to boost students’ confidence and then to help them sharpen their skills as they go. Such a great all-around brain games book!” ―Megan Forbes, middle school English teacher and blogger at Too Cool for Middle School

About the Author

DANIELLE HALL is a lifelong puzzle-lover with 10 years of teaching experience in North Carolina, Puerto Rico, and Germany. Currently, she makes digital escape games for middle and high schoolers. Visit her at

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