Simplify Your Homeschool Day: Shorten Your Day, Sweeten Your Time

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Simplify your homeschool DaySimplify Your Homeschool Day: Shorten Your Day, Sweeten Your Time ePUB

What if you and your children could have more time pursuing your passions? As a former elementary teacher and tutor and a veteran home educator of 15 years, Tamara Chilver has discovered over 100 simple teaching tips that have dramatically shortened her children’s homeschool day.

These tips have also directly impacted her teaching to make it a much more effective process. Now her family is able to spend more time focusing on their passions. In Simplify Your Homeschool Day, you will learn:

•Practical tips that can save you hours of teaching, planning, and grading each week;

•Effective communication techniques that can eliminate frustration and dramatically impact your child’s learning; •When you should enlist help;

•Creative learning strategies that can be applied on the go; and

•How to pursue your own passions. These time-saving tips will increase your child’s enjoyment of learning by reducing the time it takes him to complete school work without decreased learning. Put some extra time back into your day right away!

About the Author

Tamara L. Chilver is a popular Christian author who is passionate about providing parents with fun and creative teaching tips. Tamara’s bachelor’s degree is in elementary education, and her master’s degree is in elementary curriculum. Before entering the homeschooling world 15 years ago with her five children, Tamara was a public school elementary teacher, a private school curriculum coordinator, and a private tutor. Tamara uses her diverse background in education to empower parents with confidence while simplifying learning methods. She is currently a speaker, television contributor and a best-selling author. You can also find her blogging at
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