Living Raw Food: Get the Glow with More Recipes from Pure Food and Wine

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Living Raw Food: Get the Glow with More Recipes from Pure Food and Wine ePUB

Living Raw Food: Get the Glow with More Recipes from Pure Food and Wine ePUBThe coauthor of the bestselling Raw Food/Real World offers 100 more delectable recipes from New York’s premier raw restaurant.

Picking up where Raw Food/Real World left off, Sarma Melngailis invites us inside New York’s top raw eatery, Pure Food and Wine, with 100 new recipes for delectable and healthful juices, shakes, soups, appetizers, main courses, cocktails, and desserts. The ultimate in healthful eating, Living Raw Food offers delicious fare for all seasons and occasions, and all levels of culinary skill, from Cucumber-Mint Gazpacho Soup to Mexican Chocolate Brownies with Sweet Tamale, Hibiscus Cream, and Avocado Gelato.

In addition to her innovative recipes, Melngailis shows home cooks how to prepare simple raw food for the entire family and gives a wealth of material on life-giving foods. Filled with sensual, sexy, and energizing food—and featuring dozens of gorgeous photos—Living Raw Food is sure to enrich the life of every reader, whether a carnivorous epicure or a raw-foods junkie.

This follow-up to Raw Food/Real World offers 100 new recipes inspired by the New York City restaurant Pure Food and Wine, where Melngailis is a partner and executive chef. The restaurant is swanky and the book is irreverent (there’s even a photo of the author smoking)—it’s hardly a paean to an obsessively ascetic raw lifestyle. But the recipes are legit: at once sophisticated and rigorously raw, they range from quick and easy milks, juices and items from Pure Food and Wine’s family meal (that’s the staff meal, in non–restaurant speak) to intriguing dishes off the restaurant menu. Baby fennel and truffle-cream tarts; beet ravioli with pine nuts and goat cheese; pumpkin gnocchi with walnut cream sauce, spiced pumpkin seeds and crispy sage; and vanilla panna cotta with tarragon-peach sauce all have gourmet appeal well beyond those already committed to the raw food movement. And nonpreachy primers on ingredients and techniques used in raw preparations make the book accessible and usable for a wider audience than might typically go for a raw foods cookbook—if cookbook is even the right term for a volume of vegan recipes in which nothing is heated over 118 degrees Fahrenheit.


“A book worth taking a look at, especially if you can’t take the heat in your kitchen anymore.” — Daily News

“Matthew and Sarma are five-star masters of organic cuisine. I am continually impressed by the taste sensations and culinary skills they bring to their restaurant, and now to the pages of this book! It’s filled to the brim with recipes, ideas, and strategies to make your kitchen jump to life. This is the best food ever!” — David Wolfe, author of Eating for Beauty and Naked Chocolate

Praise for Pure Food and Wine “Manhattan’s hot new restaurant…Raw food is going glam at Pure Food and Wine.” — New York Post

“Our quartet of gourmands is beguiled by tomato tartare, the spicy Thai lettuce wraps, and a pineapple-cucumber gazpacho…After zebra-tomato lasagne, hummus-slathered flatbread pizza topped with a savory salad, “creamy” golden-squash pasta with summer truffles, and dessert, I cancel plans to stop for a burger on the way home.” — New York magazine

“Whether or not you’re counting calories, your body will appreciate the innovative, health-driven summer menu at…Pure Food and Wine.” — Time Out New York

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