Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew Volume 2

PDF | 1 MB | 114 Pages

Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew Volume 2 PDF

Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew Volume 2 PDFAfter learning the Hebrew alphabet, it’s time to learn Hebrew grammar, morphology and syntax. This book provides the basics to Hebrew grammar, word construction and syntax, or sentence structure. In addition, it examines each Hebrew word in the Ten Commandments and breaks down the roots, prefixes and suffixes of each word.

This book will be a valuable tool for anyone interested in learning how to read the Hebrew Bible in its original language. Jeff A. Benner, founder of the Ancient Hebrew Research Center (www.ancient-hebrew.org) and the Mechanical Translation of the Hebrew Bible Project (www.mechanical-translation.org), has authored many books on the subject of the Ancient Hebrew alphabet, language and culture and speaks around the country on this same subject.

Mr. Benner’s goal is to teach proper Biblical interpretation by providing others with the tools needed to read and understand the Bible from its original context.

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