Houseplants For All: How to Fill Any Home with Happy Plants

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Houseplants For All: How to Fill Any Home with Happy Plants ePUB 

Turn over a new leaf with Houseplants for All, and actually keep all your plant babies happy and healthy. Use the plant profile quiz to easily find your perfect match instead of picking up whatever catches your eye at the store and hoping that it’ll survive your home and lifestyle. Whether you’re always busy and can’t remember to water, get unobstructed natural light all day, or live in the shadow of a skyscraper, a tropical oasis or arid winter-land, there is a plant that’ll thrive with you.

After finding the right plants for your home, this book will help you to master plant care, complete with projects and tips for which containers work best, the best plants for small places, how to live together with pets and plants, and solutions to problems like pests, root rot, and lack of nutrients. Whether you’re an experienced plant parent or have never owned anything other than a fake ficus, this book is the perfect guide for happy plants in your home.

About the Author

Danae Horst is the founder of Los Angeles based plant boutique and plant styling studio, Folia Collective. Her life-long love of plants and interior styling, paired with her desire to empower people to keep their plants happy and healthy, led her to start Folia in 2016.

With her background as an interior photo stylist, photographer, and editorial director/writer/plant care columnist at Jungalow, Danae has guided tens of thousands of people to the right plants for their space and lifestyle. Her plant styling clients include new home owners adopting their first plant; seasoned plant lovers looking for a fresh take; restaurants, offices, and other brands bringing life to their workspaces; and even celebrities seeking anything from a few pops of green in a minimal mid-century modern, to a full-on Spanish Colonial jungle.

Danae’s plant boutique, Folia Collective, grew from a traveling pop-up shop, to a bustling brick & mortar store filled with plants, stylish ‘plant stuff’, and other goods for plant lovers. Folia has been named one of the “30 Cutest Plant Shops Around the World” and the Folia Instagram feed was called a “Plant-Filled Instagram That Will Turn Your Black Thumb Green” by Domino Magazine. Whether in the verdant setting of her shop, or at events around LA, Danae teaches regular workshops on a range of topics like plant care for beginners, potting and repotting, propagation, plant problem-solving, styling with plants and even entrepreneurship. Danae and her work with Folia have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Domino, among others.

Danae and her husband, Bill live in a plant-filled bungalow in Pasadena, California .

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