Campfire Cuisine: Gourmet Recipes for the Great Outdoors

ePUB| 8MB | 255 Pages

Campfire Cuisine: Gourmet Recipes for the Great Outdoors ePUB

The perfect companion for foodies and lovers of the great outdoors, this camping cookbook offers over 100 recipes and tips for preparing a campsite feast everyone will enjoy

Campfire Cuisine Campfire Cuisine provides more than 100 upscale recipes for delicious, healthy, satisfying meals to make at your campsite or in any outdoor setting.

Also included are tips on meal planning, shopping, and choosing the right equipment. Armed with Campfire Cuisine everyone from die-hard foodies to novice cooks will be ready to take on eating well while camping out.


– I have been through the freeze dried food phase in the late 1960’s and then to homemade dried foods and then to packing by horse and taking a lot of simple canned goods to be heated over a campfire. Usually meals involved combining at most three ingredients with one usually being water.

This book takes a different approach that is viable for anyone “car camping” with a motor vehicle. The recipes are very easy to follow and an 8 year old would have no problem fixing meals with this book as a guide. Some have complained about how difficult the white on orange sections are to read. I cannot understand this at all as it is as easy to read as any book and it helps to organize the information when you are actually using it to make the dish.

If you even use three of these recipes on your next trip it may stimulate your own creative juices to approach cooking and camp meals as an enjoyable part of the entire experience and not a chore to do as expediently as possible. The author has taken the time tested approaches of master cooks and adapted them to the outdoors and camp cooking. If you hate to cook or think that the Olive Garden is Italian food than this book is not going to be appealing but to those who enjoy a good meal it when camping this is a great book to read and absorb.

  • Just got back from a camping trip in Zion national park. We used this book to plan our menus for the entire trip. Have never eaten so well on a camping trip! The pancakes from scratch, grilled chicken and asparagus, and jambalaya were highlights. Not to mention all the easy to make, take-along sandwiches. Everything was quick to make and used just a few ingredients, but with gourmet taste! Excellent lists for packing cooking gear and staples. This book lives in the camping cook box now. One caveat — you will need a grill to make a lot of the dinner recipes (we took a mini-Weber).

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